envelopes and magnetic pockets

"PATCH-POCKET" envelopes and magnetic pockets

Magneto-Fix “Patch-Pocket” magnetic envelopes and pockets are our proposal to obtain a simple and safe transport and storage system for documents in “difficult” environments such as production departments and warehouses.

Product description

Depending on the particular conditions of use and the surface on which the magnetic envelope / pocket is to be applied, various types of products are available:

  • support with magnetic strip: the magnetic fixing consists of a magnetic strip placed on one side of the envelope, ideal for situations where a strong magnetic hold is required.
  • complete magnetic support: the magnetic fixing is present on the entire surface of the envelope.

How to use it

Thanks to the shape and the material with which it is made, the “Patch-Pocket” magnetic envelope and pocket is ideal for the most extreme conditions of use, with surfaces characterized by poor adherence and use.


Produced with very resistant plastic materials, they offer a top opening and a front part made of a transparent, protective and dust-proof PVC surface.

Typology 1

Pockets made from colored PVC (red, green, blue) with transparent PVC on the front, provided with closing flap.

On the back are applied two magnetic strips H 20 mm that allow their perfect adhesion to the metal surface.

Upon request of the customer magnetic strips of height or of a different number from those provided as standard can be placed.


A4: with optional opening on the long or short side.

A5: with opening on only the long side.

Minimum order for these two formats 50-pieces

Typology 2

Pockets directly obtained from the magnet, then with the completely magnetic back side, white with a transparent PVC pocket and a fingernail mark for easy insertion of the sheet.


A4 and A5 with only opening on the long side (Minimum order 50 pieces).

A3 format: with only opening on the long side (minimum order 300 pieces)..