Magnetic tape

Magnetic tape for "SUPPORT-FIX"

Able to satisfy the customer who demands perfect coupling for closures of any kind.

The “Support-Fix” magnetic tape has found, over time, an increasingly significant use in the field of advertising banners, becoming an irreplaceable tool for all those who need to quickly apply and remove panels or posters.

Product description

Pair of magnetic tapes one with a positive pole and the other with a negative pole for a perfect fit. Both on the non-magnetic side are provided with high-quality double-sided adhesive tape.

How to use it

Specifically designed to join two non-ferrous surfaces, SUPPORT-FIX is applied to the part with the double-sided adhesive on the non ferrous side, and then mated perfectly through the expression of the positive and negative charge of the two rolls.


Product thickness: 1.5 mm

Roll length: 30 m

Magnetic adhesion strength: 0.60 gr / cm2.

They are sold coupled.

Minimum order € 100.